2018 Campaigns

2019 Campaigns

Have you ever considered running for office? With thousands of local offices up for election in almost every Illinois community, the April 2019 consolidated elections are the best opportunity for Greens to run for office and WIN.

Most of the offices up for election—such as regional board of school trustees, school board, park board, or library board—in most communities are low-profile, and will require little money and a moderate amount of effort to win. Most of the effort required would go into serving your community as an elected official.  Other offices are usually more competitive like mayor, village president, city council, village board, township trustee, or school board, but well worth pursuing if that is you passion.

Contact us if you are interested in running for office as a Green in the DuPage County area.

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Contact us if you have any questions or if you’d like more information on elections in your area.

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